Dallas ISD officer opens fire on robber in Whole Foods parking lot

An attempted robbery at a Whole Foods in Old East Dallas turned into a shooting involving a Dallas ISD officer.

Police say a man approached a woman on Wednesday around 1 p.m. who was putting groceries in her car and tried to grab her purse. She yelled for help when she saw a Dallas ISD officer nearby. That's when the purse snatcher tried to run over the officer.

Dallas police say a man was driving through the Whole Foods parking lot at Gaston and Abrams in a gray Infinity when he rolled down the window and started talking to a woman putting groceries in her car.

Police say the man grabbed the woman from inside the vehicle and tried to steal her purse. That’s when she made eye contact with a Dallas ISD police officer who happened to be at the Whole Foods on his lunch break.

Police say the woman called out to the officer for help. At that time, the suspect vehicle started driving away, but drove towards the officer and tried to run him over. In response, the officer pulled his gun and fired at least twice. No one was shot and the officer is not injured, but there is damage to the officer’s police vehicle.

“Right now, we believe there were two shots fired. There were a lot of witnesses in the parking lot,” said Dallas Police Deputy Chief Thomas Castro. “That’s why, at this time, we are encouraging anyone that might have seen something then left prior to officers getting out here to call and explain what they had seen.”

Police describe the suspect as a Latin man in his 30s with average build and height with a well-groomed beard. Police do not believe that he had a weapon on him, but cannot be certain.

Police are now looking at surveillance cameras from businesses in this area and are talking to people who work here to see if similar incidents have been reported recently.

Police are trying to track down the robber as shoppers, especially women, are on alert.

“If you’re a woman by yourself, you’re kind of always concerned and on the lookout for somebody,” said shopper Kristen Hamilton. “You never know what’s going to happen.”

“I’m always aware,” said shopper Kim Doria. “It’s not like somebody could sneak up on me. Let’s put it that way because I’m paying attention. But that’s anywhere, nowadays.”

The DISD officer was on duty and in uniform. He is on leave while the shooting is under investigation.

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