Dallas hospital seeing an increase in flu cases among children

Children’s Health is seeing an alarming spike in the number of flu cases at its North Texas hospitals and clinics.

This past week, the health system saw 402 positive cases of flu, compared to just two positive cases the same week last year.

Cook Children's dealing with 'unprecedented' amount of flu, RSV cases

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported the southeast is being hit by a particularly strong flu strain that can be especially hard on older adults and young children.

"I think it really speaks to the fact that we have these non-pharmacological tools – mask wearing, social distancing, hand washing. Those types of things really work and when we relax those measures, here we have a lot of flu," said Dr. Jeffrey Kahn, the chief of infectious diseases at Children’s Health.

Should I get the new COVID booster and flu shot at the same time? Your questions, answered

Dr. Kahn suggested anyone six months or older get a flu shot.

He said the data shows this year’s flu shot is about 50% effective in preventing severe disease.