Klyde Warren Park visitors stay cool, keep an eye out for storms

Klyde Warren Park was packed with people today, many of them staying in the shade or by the fountains. But everyone was keeping tabs on the weather with the potential for storms.

On a hot Saturday afternoon, families and people at Klyde Warren Park had the right idea to stay cool.

"Kids are having a blast," said Darrell Smith, a dad in the park. "We wanted to get them out of the house and get cooled down because it's been so hot, you know."

Hot and with a potential for severe storms.


North Texans are sharing photos of odd cloud formations Saturday. Here's what they are.

The FOX 4 newsroom received several pictures from FOX 4 viewers of some very interesting cloud formations.

Andrea Alston is at the park with her six-year-old son.

"The sky's getting really dark," she said, "so I told him he has about 10 more minutes before it's time to go home because the Texas rain, it'll sneak up on you in a heartbeat."

She's ready to pack up in a hurry.

"Easy pick-up," she said. "We bring our backpacks. One backpack for the wet clothes, the other is for the ice and water, so we stay perfectly prepared."

Vendors like Bruno Durna are also prepared if the weather turns.

"Yes, the rain is coming," he said. "So I'm ready to take off. It's going to be probably another half an hour, and I'm ready to leave."

Until then, Durna is keeping people cool while they enjoy the park.

"They are even thanking me," he said. "I'm glad you're here. I want some Italian ice, it's hot. Thank you for being here."

Chloe Rivera isn't letting it rain on her parade while celebrating her 15th birthday.

"I'm so glad I didn't have to cancel my plans because I've been planning this for like two weeks and when I saw it was going to be hot and rain I was really scared, but I'm glad we could all get together and do this," she said.

While those in Dallas watched and waited, our FOX4 crew in Ellis County drove through storms that brought wind, rain and hail.

The kind of weather Alston hopes to avoid.

"Just trying to figure out the longest time for him to stay and play and have fun but get home and be safe because I know Texas can change like that," she said.

Alston told us she brought an umbrella just in case she gets caught in the rain.

Dallas is still in a severe thunderstorm watch until 10 p.m.