Dallas family confronts couple found in their stolen SUV

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A family took matters into their own hands after their SUV was stolen right out of their driveway in Northwest Dallas.

The family says they called police before they started looking for the alleged carjackers and eventually found them themselves.

It was Tuesday around 6:30 p.m. when Shirley Garza picked up her four grandchildren from daycare. As she was ushering everyone into the house, she says two men saw an opportunity, hopped into her truck and drove off.

Shirley's daughter, Racquel, jumped in her car and started searching for their stolen SUV.

“I think my adrenaline, it was pumping too fast,” Racquel explained. “So I'm not even thinking clearly. I'm on the phone with 911.”

Within minutes, Racquel spotted their SUV on Forest Lane and followed it onto I-35.

“He's going really fast,” she recalled. “I'm going behind him. I lost control of my car. I hit the wall.”

The impact deployed the airbag and left Racquel with a mark from the seat belt. The car thieves got away but not for long.

When the Garzas were on their way to get a rental Wednesday morning, they spotted their stolen SUV again at the corner of Royal Lane and Dennis. While Racquel called police, Shirley and her son went up to the SUV and found another surprise.

“There was a girl on the passenger side and a man on the driver side,” Shirley recalled. “My son was with me. He went to the driver side while I went to the passenger side. Girl had a pony tail so I just took her by the pony tail and just got her out.”

The SUV was trashed, and the driver and passenger managed to run away.

“There’s needles all in the car,” said Shirley. “The car's filthy. It's full of urine.”

Though the family got their SUV back, police recommend waiting for them before searching for suspects.

“I don't want anybody to be hurt so I don't recommend anybody to take things into their own hands,” said Shirley. “But this time, we were lucky.”