Dallas denies all claims filed for vehicles damaged in Love Field garage flooding

After a parking garage flooded at Dallas Love Field Airport, FOX 4 has obtained records that show more than 40 people filed claims with the city of Dallas.

But the city has denied all 40 claims.

Even though the city has now cleared out a drain, and closed off 100 parking spaces, a spokesman says the city is not legally responsible to provide any compensation to people whose cars became a total loss while parked in their lot.

“What does this say to you, now that you see this freshly painted ‘No Parking'? What this says is this area is a risk,” said Rashad Phillips, whose car was in the flooded area of Dallas Love Field.

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Phillips wishes that the city had put up the “No Parking” signs after the airport parking lot flooded the first time in April.

“Those signs weren't posted, and I park here every Monday morning,” Phillips added.

He had no warning, when about a week and a half after the initial flooding, flood waters rushed in again, destroying his black GMC Envoy.

“It was on the news, found out my car was flooded,” Phillips said. “Came back in town, Friday morning, cars were still under water.”

Phillips’ car was destroyed in the flood waters.

He and his wife only had liability insurance on the 2002 model.

“Now, we're down to just our Yukon,” he added.

His wife now has to drive him to the airport from McKinney for his 6:30 a.m. flight each week.

“That's two hours for her on a Monday morning,” Phillips said.

Phillips wishes that the city would make things right.

“City should be responsible. You park at an airport with a sense of comfort, knowing I'm paying for parking here, should be security,” Phillips added. “Shouldn't come back to a car being flooded. And city washing hands of the incident.”

The city says the 100 spaces that were flooded are closed indefinitely, out of an abundance of caution.

They don’t expect the closure to have any significant impact on the availability of parking at the airport.