Dallas crews rushing to repair potholes ahead of more rain

Dallas city road crews are scrambling to keep up with all the pothole repairs after the rain. But their job is far from over with more storms in the forecast.

City crews are working 10-hour days to try to make a dent in the pothole problem amplified by last week's rain.

More than 500 potholes were filled in during last week's soaker. There are still plenty more to get to with more rain on the horizon.

Crews are trying as fast as they can to get ahead of the forecast that calls for more storms Tuesday and Wednesday.

Currently, there are 17 city of Dallas crews are working day and night to fill potholes, like the ones found along Corinth Street and South Riverfront Boulevard.

The once, relatively small potholes were made much larger by last week's relentless rain.

Edgar Galvez knows firsthand just how much damage a pothole can cause. He's driven through several in his South Oak Cliff neighborhood recently that damaged his suspension rods.

“The hole keeps doing the same thing in the water. And then when you drive, you feel the bumps,” Galvez said. “I have my daughter and my wife who is pregnant, so I try to go slow.”

At Dunlap Swain Auto Repair shop in Dallas, the pothole problem is bringing in a lot of business.

According to the city of Dallas, crews are repairing about 175 potholes per day. During major rain events, they also mobilize 10 employees in the public works department to assist with larger asphalt repairs.

The crews made a lot of progress on Monday but predict Tuesday's rain will reveal new problems.

If things get really bad, the city can call in an additional five contracted crews to help with repairs. Many potholes are initially filled in with a cold mix and then later filled with a permanent hot solution.

To report a pothole, call 311.