Dallas couple's new puppy stolen during burglary

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A Dallas couple is pleading for their puppy's safe return after the French Bulldog was stolen during a burglary.

The couple is offering a cash reward for the puppy's safe return.

The break-in happened Tuesday while the couple was at work. When they got home, they found the door open, the apartment ransacked and Penny the puppy was gone.

At just eight weeks old, Evan Wolfe and Sarah Buchanan's new puppy, Penny, was instantly a part of the family when they finally brought her home Sunday. They had an appointment to get her microchipped on Tuesday afternoon. But while they were at work, they noticed something wrong on the home camera they used to watch Penny while they were away.

“We watched and noticed one of the drawers in our bathroom was open,” Wolfe recalled. “And after a couple of minutes, we could no longer see the puppy on the camera.”

But the cameras didn’t catch the thief. When Buchanan rushed home, she found the door open and damaged.

“I pushed it open and ran inside and dropped my things,” she said. “The first thing I did was go to check on her. She wasn't there. That was a very emotional moment for me.”

Some electronics and a lockbox with personal documents were also taken. And while they're still shaken by what happened, their main concern is Penny.

“To think that we didn't even get a chance to raise her or to be with her or to take care of her anymore, and we don't know who's doing that or what's happening, it's heartbreaking,” Wolfe said.

The couple filed a police report and say police dusted for prints. They also checked security cameras around the apartment with no luck. Now, they’re asking the public for any help to bring Penny back home.

“I would like people to know if they see her for sale to please buy her,” Buchanan said.

“She fit so well into our life,” Wolfe said. “And now only two days, it's just not fair.”

The couple is offering a cash reward for the puppy's safe return. They think they were targeted based on the timing.

Police say they are not aware of any related burglaries in the area.