Dallas County eviction protections ending soon

There could be hope for North Texans facing eviction now that government protections are expiring.

There have been protections in place during the pandemic so that people can delay rent payments without being evicted.

National and state eviction moratoriums already expired and Dallas County’s ends next Wednesday.

But in Dallas County, renters have a grace period. A city ordinance requires landlords to give a 60-day notice to allow their tenants time to come up with the money.

Lawyers at Legal Aid of Northwest Texas said they’ve had an influx of calls from people who are still unemployed or underemployed and are now worried about being evicted.

Attorney Claudia Cano wants people to understand they have options.

“Very emotional calls, especially because there are so many that this is the first time situation for them. They’ve never been behind on their rent,” Cano said. “If you believe that you’re going to be back to work or you’re going to go back part-time you can enter into a payment agreement. Second, go ahead and seek out from everywhere that you can assistance for paying the rent.”

Cano’s advice is to get ahead of it.

People who are worried about the rent should talk to their landlord as soon as possible to see if an agreement can be made.

Anyone who receives a notice to vacate should respond. That way if the case ends up in court, documents show cooperation.

Cano also advised people to call a lawyer for tailored advice since no situation is the same.

Legal Aid of Northwest Texas is partnering with the city of Dallas to hold a virtual question and answer session at 2 p.m. Wednesday. Questions can be submitted via email to government@dallascityhall.com.

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