Dallas County DA: Botham Jean’s parents anxious about upcoming trial

The parents of a man killed by a fired Dallas police officer are reportedly anxious about the upcoming murder trial.

Dallas County District Attorney John Crueuzot met with Botham Jean’s family from St. Lucia Thursday.

He said he tried to help them understand the American legal process and how the trial against Amber Guyger will proceed.

Guyger shot and killed Jean last year in his own apartment. She told police she mistook his apartment for hers and thought he was an intruder.

Cruezot said he also assured Jean’s parents that they have the support of the local community.

He explained how nervous Jean’s parents are about the case.

“I mean, it’s a sobering event, obviously, and a sad event. And they have anxiety about this and the trial coming up. I mean, we’re there now, virtually. And they’re going to hear the trial in regard to their son’s death. And how it’ll come out, we can’t promise them,” Creuzot said.

Guyger’s trial is scheduled to begin Monday morning.