Dallas County Commissioners pass resolution calling racism a ‘public health crisis’

Dallas County Commissioners on Tuesday unanimously passed a resolution declaring racism a public health crisis.

John Wiley Price noted in the resolution that black communities are disproportionately disadvantaged in opportunities for housing, education, business, employment and criminal justice.

He also noted the pandemic is disproportionately affecting black communities - with greater hospitalization rates and death rates.

“According to a recent CDC study, blacks are hospitalized at a much higher rate than other groups and death rates of blacks in that study are twice the rates of whites. And whereas more than 100 studies have linked racism to worse health outcomes, and whereas county health and human services departments have acknowledged that the health impacts of racism is a public health crisis,” Price said.

Health experts in the meeting, like Dr. Mark Casanova of Baylor Scott and White and Dr. Philip Huang, Director of Dallas County Health And Human Services, also voiced their support and agreement in the health impacts and disparities between communities of people of color.