Dallas County Commissioner Mike Cantrell testifies at Price trial

The government called a fellow county commissioner to testify in the John Wiley Price corruption trial on Wednesday.

Price and Mike Cantrell are the two longest serving Dallas County commissioners. Cantrell was asked if Price ever recused himself in any county business issues and Cantrell said Price had not.

Cantrell was also asked ethics questions, like would he send official county letters to lobbyists as Price has done to lobbyist Kathy Nealy. Cantrell said he himself has not.

“It’s very difficult. Nobody wants to come down and do this and it’s very unfortunate,” Cantrell told FOX4 outside the courthouse. “I’m just going to be glad when the cloud is removed from Dallas County.”

Price is accused of accepting bribes from businesses in exchange for helping them win contracts from the county. His longtime assistant Daphney Fain and political consultant Kathy Nealy are also accused of taking part in the scheme.

Cantrell continues testifying when court resumes Monday.