Dallas councilman calls for changes to police funding

Dallas City Councilman Adam Bazaldua said Sunday he will not vote for a city budget that maintains the status quo on police funding.

Bazaldua along with Mayor Pro Tem Adam Medrano co-hosted a march Sunday that had hundreds of people marching from Deep Ellum to Fair Park.

“It’s going to take more than us marching on the street and yelling at a protest. It’s going to take us to get more people registered to vote and energize a new generation that is apparently stood up and said they are ready for something to change,” Bazaldua said.

The councilman said he would not vote on a city budget that does not divest some funding from the police department to provide other needed resources in the community. Bazaldua said he doesn't want to cut police jobs, rather he wants to prioritize funding for the areas that can reduce poverty and increase opportunities for those in need.

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Marchers who attended the protest said they all had various reasons attending.

“It just makes me so terribly agitated that all of this is going on and nobody is speaking up about it until now,” said Antwaun Smoots.

He got emotional seeing the diversity in the group of peaceful protesters Sunday.

“It makes me so happy. When I saw everybody, I felt shivers down my back like... it’s amazing, it makes me feel so blessed to be a part of it all,” Smoots said.