Dallas council to keep fluoride in water supply

Dallas City Hall

The fight over fluoride in the Dallas water supply was tapped out on Wednesday .

The Dallas City Council rejected a plan to cancel its fluoride contract.

Councilman Sheffie Kadane wanted to save $1 million over three years and also claimed the fluoride wasn't really helping dental hygiene.

Most of the other council members disagreed, with some saying they heard from plenty of dentists who say fluoride in the water has protected children from tooth decay for decades.

"Why on Earth would we want to turn back the clock and go backwards and really join the flat Earth society and remove fluoridation, because I just feel like science has spoken about this again and again and again," said councilmember Rick Callahan.

Kadane and councilman Adam Medrano were the only council members in favor of canceling the fluoride contract.