Dallas city council considering turning one-way Uptown streets into two-way streets

Dallas city council is considering plans to turn the one-way parts of McKinney and Cole Avenues in the uptown neighborhood of Dallas into two-way streets.

Portions of McKinney and Cole Avenues have been one-way streets for decades but residents say drivers either go too fast or get confused and drive the wrong way.

Last year Emily Javadi was killed when a driver slammed into the back of her parked car. Javadi was getting something out of her back seat when she was hit.

The driver who hit Emily was suspected of being drunk - but others wonder too if speeding on one-way McKinney Avenue played a role in the crash. Uptown Dallas Inc which represents businesses in the area hired an urban planner two years ago to study traffic issues. The study found people loved Uptown's walkability but felt it needed major improvement.

"I think for most of the people who've moved here that's what they want, they want that true neighborhood experience where when you are out walking everybody's out walking," said uptown resident Mary Warren.

Others worry about losing valuable street parking - especially near Cole Park - where spaces are already at a premium.

 Urban Planner Patrick Kennedy says the plan includes moving curb lines to essentially create parking. It would also mean flipping the trolley line in some places but he envisions it all happening with minimal construction impact and without digging up pavement.

Emily's mother Karen Javadi says making a difference is what is important.

"If the city decides that changing the street to two direction will make a difference and Emily's death brought attention to that. That's a good thing in our opinion," she said.