Dallas church leaders ask police for help with violent crime

Ministers in the southern and west Dallas areas are asking for help from police to fight violent crime.

The church leaders hope to work with police to smooth over relationships and get everyone on the same page.

They also want community input on the selection of the next police chief.

“We need you to be serious about bringing the right type of individual to sit in the seat as Chief of Police,” said Pastor Lelious Johnson from St. Paul Baptist Church.

“Please, when you do choose, just make sure that the person that is chosen is able, capable and qualified not just in one side of town but is able to be qualified in north, east, south and west Dallas to police properly and do the things that’s needed in this city,” added Emery Tease with the Dallas West Church of Christ.

The pastors also called for more training to help officers de-escalate tense situations they encounter in the field.