Dallas ambush shooter's Army reserve unit shocked by killings

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One of the men who trained Dallas ambush gunman Micah Johnson to fight can't believe he turned that training on police.

When Gilbert "Gil" Fishbach saw the video of the police ambush shooter he knew he had some really good training.

“Everything he did was kind of textbook you know, tactical operations in urban environments,” Fishbach said.

Micah Johnson was in Fishbach's Army reserve unit out of Seagoville. Fishbach said there was nothing about Johnson to indicate he was an angry man or racist.

Johnson reportedly told police negotiators, before he was bombed to death, that he hated white people especially white cops.

“Most of the people he hung out with were white, I mean in the unit everybody kind of got their own little group of people they hung out people they got along with. But Micah -- he got along with everybody, but he had his own group,” Fishbach said.

Johnson was deployed to Afghanistan, but bounced out early after a sexual harassment allegation involving him stealing the undergarments of a woman in the unit -- his best friend.

“For somebody to do something like that, to steal your dirty undergarments and hide it from them, and that the person you happen to do that to is your best friend been that way for several years -- there has to be something other deeply rooted in that person for that to happen. Something troubling in that person for something like that to happen,” Fishbach said.

Fishbach says he doesn’t think the follow up was handled correctly. Counseling and mental evaluations were all requested but never followed up on.

While that incident was troubling for Johnson's entire platoon, Fishbach said he and others can't believe Johnson carried out ambush on police.

“He was a good kid he really was and that’s why it’s so disheartening and so hard for so many that served with him to understand, you know, what happened,” Fishbach said.