Dad charged in Corona boy's murder purchased acid, bolt cutters prior to son's disappearance

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Warning: The details of this case may be disturbing to some viewers. Reader discretion advised.

Court documents released on Friday revealed the disturbing details that led to the arrest of Bryce McIntosh, 32, who was charged with the murder of his 8-year-old son, Noah McIntosh.

According to the documents, Noah's sister described to authorities the physical abuse the boy had to allegedly endure at the hands of his father. 

"The abuse involved Noah being in the bathtub, cold water and Noah being handcuffed. [Noah's sister] described helping her daddy at times by holding Noah's legs down," the documents read.

Authorities received a warrant for the cell phone of Noah's mother, Jillian Godfrey, 36, which showed notes where Godfrey was documenting McIntosh abusing Noah. 

"Examples included Bryce admitting to putting Noah in hot water, Noah being placed in cold water for approximately 2 1/2 hours, Noah being put in a tub of cold water for over six hours, and [Noah's sister] telling Jillian that Noah was in Bryce's bathroom with his feet tied up," the documents continued.


Investigators also received a warrant for McIntosh's phone, which revealed disturbing internet searches such as, "normal heart rate for 8-year-old," "normal heart rate for  8-year-old when they are running," "how exactly sodium hydroxide works," and "sodium hydroxide to water," the documents revealed. Data recovered from his computer showed he also searched, "what exactly is sulfuric acid," "what does sulfuric acid do to aluminum," "can you buy sulfuric acid," "what kind of plastic can stand, uriatic [sic] acid,"  "clean shot drain opener sulfuric asid [sic]. MSDS."

The data obtained from McIntosh's cell phone also showed that on March 5, his phone was in the area of Wilson Valley Road, north of Highway 371, in the unincorporated area of Aguanga, California.

Members of FBI and the Corona Police Department searched the area and located a trash can, a paper with "Noah M" written on it, numerous purple latex gloves, a plastic bag with residue consistent with blood, parts to a Ninja blender, empty bottles of drain cleaner, empty cans of oven cleaner, blankets, yellow towels, and one blue long cuffed glove, according to the documents.

The documents further stated that McIntosh purchased four gallons of muriatic acid, 24" bolt cutters, a 32-gallon trash can, two pairs of long cuffed gloves and a 128 oz bottle of drain opener, prior to Noah's disappearance. 

Detectives said that the trash can McIntosh purchased matched the trash can recovered at the location off of Wilson Valley Road. Authorities also said that when searching McIntosh's home, an owner's manual for a Ninja blender was located; however, no Ninja blender was located inside the residence.

During the investigation, detectives interviewed McIntosh's father, who told them Noah's sister was staying with him for a couple of weeks, up until McIntosh picked her up on March 10. When McIntosh picked up his daughter, he reportedly told his father that Noah was missing. McIntosh's father told detectives that he advised his son to go to the police, but McIntosh refused. 

Authorities began searching for Noah on March 12, after Noah's mother expressed concerns over his whereabouts. Officers unsuccessfully attempted to contact McIntosh at their apartment, located in the 4000 block of Temescal Canyon Road. The next morning, officers served a search warrant at the residence in an attempt to locate the missing boy. Authorities said McIntosh was located inside with his 11-year-old daughter; however, officers did not find Noah.

Officers contacted Noah’s local family members, but no one could provide Noah’s current location.

The district attorney's office charged McIntosh on Thursday with first-degree murder and a special circumstance murder of torture. If convicted on all charges, McIntosh would be eligible for the death penalty. Godfrey was earlier charged with child endangerment. Both remained in jail Friday afternoon.

The police department is asking any community member that may have seen Noah, McIntosh, McIntosh's vehicle or Godfrey between February 20 and March 12 to contact Senior Detective Mario Hernandez at 951-279-3659 or

Authorities have not yet found Noah's body.