DA: Sherin Mathews' father caused her leg fractures, deleted his browser history

Prosecutors want the court to consider more wrongful acts when the father 3-year-old Sherin Mathews goes on trial.

Wesley Mathews is charged with capital murder for his adoptive daughter’s death. She was reported missing in October of 2017 and found a week later in a drainage culvert near her Richardson home.

After her body was found, police said Wesley admitted to moving her body. He claimed she died when he forced her to drink her milk.

An autopsy found Sherin died of homicidal violence but the specific circumstances were not revealed and the weapon is described as unknown.

Wesley’s wife, Sini Mathews, was originally charged for child abandonment in connection to Sherin’s death. In March, the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office dismissed its case against her due to lack of evidence.

But the DA’s office believes Wesley committed a number of additional criminal actions. Prosecutors filed a supplemental notice of extraneous offenses to be presented during the trial.

According to the court document, Wesley “alone or with Sini Mathews” fractured Sherin’s leg and failed to disclose the injury for at least a week.

He and Sini “failed to provide adequate nutrition to Sherin Mathews from Sept. 1, 2016 until the time of her death,” the document states.

Wesley also cancelled 19 of Sherin’s physical therapy appointments, canceled 8 speech therapy appointment and didn’t show up for several more. He also didn’t show up for a Failure to Thrive Clinic appointment for the toddler.

Prosecutors claim Wesley lied to Richardson police about Sherin’s whereabouts after she was reported missing. He allegedly deleted messages between himself and his wife from his cellphone, deleted a file named “Sherin log” on his computer and deleted all internet history on his computer from Oct. 6-7, 2017, the document states.

He terminated his parental rights to his biological daughter and has never once mentioned Sherin in any letters he has written while in the Dallas County jail, prosecutors said.

Wesley remains behind bars with a bond of $1 million. His next court hearing is scheduled for June 7.