Cowboys tailgaters show up early ahead of wild card playoff game

Cowboys tailgaters started showing up in the morning for Saturday night’s wild card playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks.

The Cowboys had a rough start to the season and a lot of fans said they weren’t sure the team would make it to the playoffs, but Dallas ended the season on top of the NFC East.

“It did start off pretty shaky and just like everybody else, we were like oh my gosh here we go again, but we came through and guys did what they had to do and we can’t be more proud of them,” said Santos Alvarado.

Fans travelled from all over in anticipation for the game. FOX4 talked to fans from all over Texas, but also some who’ve flown in from Canada and California. They all did it for the chance to see the Cowboys in the playoffs.

The Seahawks beat the cowboys when they played early in the season, but a lot of fans said they expect the wild card game to be a close one.

“Right now we have as good a chance as anybody, the Rams haven’t been playing great. We already beat New Orleans so why not? Why not the Cowboys this year?” said Corey Reid.