Cowboys fans looking forward to the playoffs and beyond

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Some very happy Dallas Cowboys fans celebrated a division win on Sunday, looking ahead to the playoffs.

The Dallas skyline was washed in blue for the boys the night of the win. It was a big victory for the Cowboys, clenching the NFC East Championship title, after a rough start to the season. It sent people rushing to stores for swag on Christmas Eve Eve.

“Yeah I’m going to represent the shirt and I’m going to represent the hat. I can’t wait to buy it. I’ve been waiting all day to get this shirt,” said Harold Edmondson.

Cowboys fans aren't only looking for a win, they want to advance, looking ahead to the playoffs.

 “They gotta work on their red zone offense, for sure. They struggled today. Dak wasn't as efficient as he could be,” said Eli Tarin.

"I think they can take it if they get it together. The offense has to get it together. If they play strong and they keep running that board, score some points, giving that ball to Zeke, we'll be all right,” said Lupe Paiz.

If you are interested in buying shirts and hats, that gear at Academy ranges from about $20 to $30. They will also reportedly have new designs later this week, possibly the day after Christmas.