Couple with baby steal from Dallas dry cleaners

A couple with a small child in tow was caught on surveillance video stealing a purse that belonged to a Dallas dry cleaners employee.

The man and woman appeared to distract the woman by causing a commotion long enough to snatch the bag and get away in their car.

In Prather said the woman told her she was pregnant and needed a ladies room.

On the surveillance video you see the woman comes out of the bathroom and say something that prompts Prather and the man to come take a look.

"She said bathroom is broke. Water is flooding. Floor is all wet. So I said, ‘I'll go to back, look at bathroom,’” Prather said.

The man and small child stepped into the bathroom with Prather while the woman grabbed Prather’s purse and rushed out.  Seconds later, the man quickly follows.

Prather caught on to what has happening and ran after the couple – grabbing on to the car, but letting go to avoid getting dragged by the vehicle.

Prather said she was badly bruised in the scuffle.  Her son said the couple quickly made purchases using credit cards from his moms' wallet totaling more than $3,500.

"Right away they went to several venues like Wendy's, Walmart and started spending massive amounts of money,” Prather said.

The Prather’s and Dallas police hope someone recognizes the scheming pair to help get them off the street.