Couple brutally attacked, robbed on Deep Ellum street

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Security cameras capture two men attacking a pair of friends. They knocked one out cold to leave the woman to try to fight them off on a Deep Ellum street.

Video of the attack is circulating online in hopes of finding the men responsible. Neither victim was seriously injured. They want the attackers caught.

Brandon Aruffo says he's still not thinking clearly. He suffered a concussion during a violent beating and robbery about 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning in Deep Ellum.  He says he's still in lot of pain, including headaches, with staples now in the back of his head.

Surveillance cameras from near the Bomb Factory captured the attack. Aruffo and his friend were walking to their car when two men walked up from behind.

As Aruffo walked up to them as if to help, he was sucker punched and knocked out cold. The suspect then stole his wallet as the other man began beating his female friend and stealing her purse. The attackers then just casually walked off.

“Just my wallet. It's kind of funny because I got my watch on and my phone,” he said. “But I'm mean everybody’s still alive and they're OK. So that's what matters."

Phillip Honore' is the Public Safety Manager for the Deep Ellum Foundation and says neighbors need to look out for each other. 

"It was very disturbing, the assault itself,” he said. “And then just as disturbing was obviously we had cars rolling by. And from what I understand, no one dialed 911."

Honore' says he's already shared the video with businesses and residents.

"They will share that information and then maybe we can identify the people that want to do harm to us and keep them out of our neighborhood,” he said.

As Aruffo slowly heals, he has some strong words for the suspects.

"I forgive you,” he said. “I hope that you find whatever in life that you're looking for and may God bless you. And I hope you just start living a better way."

Dallas police are investigating the attack as an aggravated robbery, but they did not provide any additional updates on their investigation.