Cook Children's treats special patient to VIP Taylor Swift experience

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Superstar Taylor Swift is playing two shows in Arlington this weekend.

In the crowd, there will be a very special girl in the front row during Fridays show. A 13-year-old Cook Children's patient is getting the experience of a lifetime thanks to a donation to the hospital that treats her.

Give a 13-year-old girl free VIP tickets and a backstage pass to a Taylor Swift concert, and there will be plenty of dancing. Michaela Baldwin, a patient at Cook Children's Medical Center, celebrated the news.

“And I was like no way ‘cause my mom said a couple days ago… she said, ‘Do you like Taylor Swift? and I said yeah,” she recalled.

Michaela has multiple health issues, including diabetes, that require treatment just about every week.

"She's had a tough kind of journey, but she always has a positive attitude,” said Brenda Sonnier with the hospital. “She will always put a smile on your face when you see her, no matter what is going on."

That's why the staff at Cook Children's chose Michaela for the VIP package. It was complete with a video message from T-Swift herself.

Even Michaela’s mother was excited. Sharon Sargent adopted Michaela at just 19 days old.

"I haven't been to very many concerts myself,” Sargent said. “And I think it's going to be very exciting to be on the front row."

Michaela is ready to sing. She knows the songs. And in the off chance she gets to meet Taylor Swift?

"I would say I love your music and then I would hug her,” Michaela said. “And I would say you are the most amazing person I have ever seen. You’re the most prettiest. You're the most awesomest. You're really a great singer and don't listen to the haters out there. Just keep on rocking!”