Cook Children’s Medical Center in Prosper opens

A new Cook Children’s Medical Center facility in Denton County opens to the community on Monday.

The 23-acre campus in Prosper is part of a multi-year expansion project.

The hospital includes an emergency department, surgical and procedural floor, pediatric ICU, inpatient unit, and much more.

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It has larger-than-life-size digital displays, storybook murals, and walking paths. Spaces are bathed in every color of the rainbow to invite exploration and play.

"We’re very excited to be able to offer families the care they’ve come to expect and trust from Cook Children’s but in a location closer to their neighborhoods where they have the support structure of family, friends, and community resources," said Rick W. Merrill, the president and CEO of Cook Children’s Health Care System.

The facility also has two extra floors of space to allow for even more growth.