Convicted killer rushed out of courtroom after outburst in dentist murder trial

After being emotionless for the entire trial, the man convicted of murdering a Dallas dentist jumped up during a family member's testimony Tuesday afternoon.

Kristopher Love faces the death penalty for shooting and killing Kendra Hatcher in her apartment parking garage in September 2015.

All day long on Tuesday, family members testified. Some left the courtroom in tears, like Love’s little brother.

Love showed no reaction at all until about 3:45 p.m. as his sister was crying and testifying. He suddenly stood up and kicked the desk or the chair. Deputies quickly took him into a holding cell.

The defense called Love’s family members and, oddly enough, detention officers as character witnesses for the convicted murderer.  In all, five Dallas County detention officers testified Love has been well behaved, quiet and respectful in the dealings they’ve had with him since his arrest in October 2015.

Love’s mother, Vea Love, told jurors her son was a quiet and intelligent child growing up in Memphis. But after fifth grade, he started skipping school and getting into trouble.

Love’s mother told jurors her son spent time in a juvenile jail and later served 6-7 years in a Tennessee prison for aggravated robberies, assaults and weapons violations. While in prison, she says he stayed out of trouble and was able to get his GED.

“For all the times that Kris has been incarcerated or in jail, I have never heard of him having any problems or anything,” Love’s mother said. “Kris has always been very respectful, and no I don’t see any issues.”

Love’s siblings and stepmother testified that he’s a good father of his three young children and still stand by him.

On cross-examination, prosecutors are trying to make the case that Love is a very dangerous man who is a threat to the community and would be a threat even in prison.

Love’s attorney, Paul Johnson, appears to be trying to convince the jury that life in prison without a chance of parole should be an option instead of the death penalty.

Closing arguments and the punishment phase will begin on Wednesday morning.