Connecticut daycare teacher charged after allegedly throwing child into wall

Mug shot of Kristie Kovarcik, who was arrested by Middletown Police in Connecticut. (Credit: Middleown Police Department)

A Connecticut daycare teacher has been arrested and charged with risk of injury to a minor and reckless endangerment in the second degree in connection with an alleged assault of a toddler at a daycare center.

According to a release issued by the City of Middletown Police Department, Kristie Kovarcik turned herself into authorities on Feb. 26, more than a month after a complaint was filed alleging that she assaulted a two-year-old child.

On Jan. 12, police received a complaint that a two-year-old child was assaulted at Town & Country Early Learning Center in Middletown.

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During the investigation, detectives obtained a surveillance video which confirmed that Kovarcik picked up the minor child and "tossed the child to the side." 

"The child’s head then struck a nearby wall causing a minor contusion above his/her right eye," the release read. "The Director of the facility heard a commotion and pulled up the surveillance camera for Kovarcik’s room. She witnessed Kovarcik toss the child aside and heard the child’s head strike the wall. The Director entered the room and removed the child." 

After investigating, detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Kovarcik. The 46-year-old turned herself in to the police on February 26, where she was processed and released on a Written Promise to Appear in court on March 11.

Per the police’s release, Kovarcik was terminated from her job as a result of this incident.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.