Company offers free cleaning service for first responders

A cleaning service saw calls drop off dramatically when the pandemic hit. Now the company is doing something amazing – cleaning some homes for free.

As a registered nurse, Deondria Dickson said the past few weeks have been a whirlwind.

“We are still like in the trenches assisting patients once they're discharged from the hospital. So that ranges from anything from scheduling medical appointments to providing education for the patient,” she said.

Dallas Maids owner Greg Shepard said he is thankful for her service, as well as the services of all those working on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now he wants the chance to serve them.

“First responders we've talked to, especially the medical, are overworked. They don't have time to clean their home. To be able to come home to a perfectly clean, spotless home is huge. It's a stress reliever," he said.

Dallas Maids customers gave him the inspiration.

The cleaning service company was hit hard financially when the shelter-at-home order went into place and lost over half of its business.

But when faithful customers found out, they began paying for cleaning services regardless of whether they were used.

Shepard and his staff were so blown away they decided to pay it forward to first responders.

"Everyone has been affected. Whether you’re rich or poor, whether you have a job or you’re homeless, everyone has been affected by this pandemic. So for our community to come together like a time like this, it's what we all needed,” Dickson said.

Dozens of homes have been cleaned already including Dickson’s.

She said whether she’s seeing patients in person or virtually, the job can take a toll mentally. She believes a small kind gesture can go a long way.

“It was a blessing because you know even though we’re working remotely, we’re still doing a lot of things for our patients. So just the stress alone, housework, I have a senior that’s graduating this year and so I just have a lot of stresses. So for them to provide this service for me, I really appreciate it,” she said.

First responder can ask for a free cleaning by calling Dallas Maids. Others can donate to the First Responder Fatigue fund to keep the free service going.

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