Collin County officials cautiously optimistic that COVID-19 pandemic could be ebbing

For the third day in a row on Monday, Collin County reported a decrease in the number of active COVID-19 cases.

County officials remain cautiously optimistic, as many labs were closed over the holiday weekend and testing slowed down, which may explain the recent trend in lower number of positives in the county.

County officials said last week about 25 percent of tests conducted in the county were coming back positive – this week it’s dropped to 17 percent. While the numbers are going down, county leaders say it’s too early to tell for sure if they’re on the downward curve.

“This is the very first indicator we’ve been looking for and we’re cautiously optimistic about that. I say we’re cautious about it because we recognize the numbers have gone down finely tuned with the Easter weekend and we would like to see some more this week to see if that’s going to continue,” said Chris Hill, county judge.

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As more testing becomes available through sites like Walgreens, county officials say it could put a strain on their health department to notify people and others who’ve come into contact with those who’ve test positive.

The county currently has a team of over 100 volunteers from internal staff and other county departments who are helping the county health department make those calls.

The county is also starting to look at what’s next in possibly re-opening businesses.

Hill announced a new economic task force made up of business and industry leaders from across the county, including small and corporate businesses, that will look at the next phase in the fight against COVID-19 – economic recovery.

“Eventually we’re going to turn the corner of Phase 2, of getting our families back to work safely and we’d like that to be as soon as possible. So I’ve tasked this task force with two objectives, to develop strategies to get Collin County families back to work safely and as soon as possible, and to develop guidance for city, county and state officials to promote economic recovery in Collin County,” Hill said.

More than 250 people have recovered from COVID-19 in Collin County. Officials are also currently monitoring 657 people for COVID symptoms.

County leaders say the number of active cases should continue to decrease. The latest update from the county shows more than half the county’s hospital beds are still available and just under 30 percent of their ventilators are currently in use.

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