Collin County's new tech-finding K9 to help sniff out crimes against children

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Source: Collin County Sheriff's Office

The Collin County Sheriff's Office has added a new member to their squad.

K9 deputy Umber is a two-year-old English lab from Michigan.

Unlike other K9 deputies, Umber is specially trained in electronic storage detection.

The new tech-sniffing pup completed training with her handler, Lieutenant Langwell, this month.

Her handler says she loves to take her collar off, only likes the left side of a helicopter and is still scared of the sound of Velcro.

Umber was brought to the Collin County Sheriff's Office by Operation Underground Railroad, a nonprofit focusing on combating human trafficking and child exploitation.

Umber will work in the Crimes Against Children and Child Exploitation Unit for Collin County.