Collin County dad surprises kids with snow-filled backyard

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A dad in Collin County turned his backyard into a winter wonderland since Mother Nature couldn’t deliver it.

Jeramy Melchiorre took matters into his own hands after his family asked for snow.

“The boys asked me for a white Christmas and I delivered a week late,” he explained,” When I woke up this morning, it was amazing. Everything was white.”

The family moved to Allen, Texas, from Pennsylvania about five years ago. Since then, the Melchiorre kids have missed out on the snow.

“He made a snow thingy, put some machine thingy, put it together and it made snow,” explained 9-year-old Christian Melchiorre.

With this week’s freezing temperatures in North Texas, Jeramy knew it was the perfect time to take out his snow-making machine to surprise his kids.

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