Cold weather preps continue

A Dallas church opened its doors to the homeless Friday and Saturday night.

Across DFW, TxDot crews continue treating roads in an attempt to prepare the possibility of freezing temperatures.

The worst of it is expected Monday. TxDot trucks have poured thousands of gallons of brine, a mixture of salt and water on bridges, overpasses and main lanes of interstates. The brine works as an anti-freeze.

Even though roads are pretreated, Fort Worth TxDot PIO Val Lopez says drivers should still be careful.

"We will pretreat as much as we can, but if bad weather does roll through, it will create an inclement driving condition, so the fact that it may happen on a holiday kind of means there might be less traffic, so if you can delay your travels, you should."

The pop-up shelter at the church is being offered as an emergency service. They have opened their doors to the homeless for this reason several times this month. Even providing two meals, dinner and breakfast, to those staying there.