Clinic opens hours after Oklahoma approves medical marijuana

TULSA, Okla. (AP) - A cannabis clinic opened in Tulsa just hours after Oklahoma voters approving medical marijuana.

Tulsa Higher Care Clinic opened Wednesday morning, although it will likely be weeks before residents can apply for a license to possess marijuana for medical purposes. Voters approved medical marijuana Tuesday.

Clinic co-owner Whitney Wehmeyer told the Tulsa World that for $250, a patient gets two appointments with a doctor who could provide a recommendation to apply for a license.

She said patients will be seen by Dr. Jason Sims, another co-owner, and that the clinic will not dispense marijuana.

The director of a trade association that supported the medical marijuana proposal said opening the clinic is "incredibly premature."

Bud Scott of New Health Solutions Oklahoma said residents should wait for regulations to be approved before paying for a doctor's recommendation.