City of Mineral Wells votes against becoming a "sanctuary city for the unborn"

One North Texas city will not try to ban abortions.

The mayor of Mineral Wells, west of Fort Worth, wanted to create an ordinance banning abortion providers from operating in the city.

Supporters said it would have made Mineral Wells a “sanctuary city for the unborn.”

Mayor Christopher Perricone asked the city manager to add an item regarding the ordinance to Tuesday’s city council agenda. But, the city attorney advised council members the ban would conflict with federal law.

The council voted 5-2 against moving forward with the issue but still took time to hear public input.

“Mayor, I dare you to tell me you own my body like my rapist did. Because I told my rapist no,” said Isabela Villa.

“It’s disgusting that there’s this place in Fort Worth that I can visit where I know that babies go in there and they never come out,” said Evan Herd.

Mayor Perricone said his goal was to make it known that Mineral Wells doesn’t approve of abortion.

“Because life is being grown in that woman. Her choice is actually stopped because I have an obligation to protect that voiceless one inside her, that one that can’t stand up and talk,” he said.

Mineral Wells does not currently have an abortion clinic. But, Perricone said he got the idea from the East Texas city of Waskom. Last month, an all-male city council voted to ban any abortion clinics from opening in their city.

“If we’re going to take the stance that we believe that life begins at conception, that our duty as elected officials is to protect that life, then I feel that we need to take this strongest stand possible,” the mayor.

All three women on the Mineral Wells city council voted against moving forward.