City of Grapevine kicks off annual 'Carol of Lights' celebration

What's known as the "Christmas Capital of Texas" got an early start to Christmas celebrations three days ahead of Thanksgiving.

The city of Grapevine held its annual Carol of Lights Monday.

Some say the season begins when the Christmas trees go up. 

School teacher Kristin Martinez has a solution for that.

"Oh, the tree is in the truck. So, yeah. I’m ready to put it up. We’re going to do it tonight. He just doesn’t know it yet," she said.

In Grapevine, the time is now.

"We always come out and have fun in Grapevine," said parent Kandace Wilcox "Everyone’s smiling and in a good mood, good energy, good food, good atmosphere."

It’s Grapevine’s 33rd annual Carol of Lights. 

Last year’s event was scaled back because of the pandemic. It was a "reverse parade" where spectators drove through to see stationary floats.  At the time, COVID-19 hospitalizations exceeded 15% capacity, and businesses were under capacity restrictions.

"It really feels like we’re getting to a point to where we can come together as a community and celebrate and share the Christmas spirit and just be normal again," Wilcox said.

"We can see our neighbors and friends all over, and everybody’s saying hi. It’s just great to be back," said Grapevine Parks and Rec. Director Kevin Mitchell.

Kids are ready for their favorite part of the holidays.

"My favorite part about Christmas is when Santa comes and eats all the cookies," said Tayden Williams.

People say bring on the Christmas spirit.