Churches join together for Easter celebration

People from four different church congregations came together to hold a joint Easter service at the newly opened Toyota Music Factory.

Hundreds showed up to the celebration hosted by Christ Church Irving, Bear Creek Community Church and Irving Church of Christ.

But their partnership goes beyond Sunday's service.

The same community stepped in the help when Bear Creek's church burned down in December.

"The whole community reached out to Bear Creek, especially Christ Church, churches around the community, they all reached out to us. So we were never in need of anything because everybody helped out everywhere," said Mary Bryant, a member of Bear Creek Community Church," said Bear Creek Community Church member Mary Bryant.

Christ Church Irving also stepped in to help.

"They help us out with friendship and with the love we have for each other and I know that if something happened to us, they'd be right there," said Greg Beauchamp, Co-pastor of Christ Church.

Christ Church donated more than a hundred chairs so members at Bear Creek could continue to worship in their fellowship hall.

As Bear Creek rebuilds, the churches are bringing their different communities together again on Easter.

"We have a predominantly white and Latino church, he's got a predominantly black church, and in today's world we feel that we need to come together. Unity makes the community better. That crosses church lines, that crosses racial lines, it crosses socio-economic lines, and when we can come together, especially for something like an Easter Sunday, then that really makes the community better," said Beauchamp.

Church leaders tell us they hope to get more churches involved in worshipping together in the future.

"Because what we're trying to show is the body of Christ, even though we have many different church locations, we're all one body, and we ought to spend more time doing things together," said Pastor Dennis Web, Bear Creek Community Church.

Church leaders say they hope to make this event an annual service, welcoming people of all backgrounds and denominations.

The pastor of Bear Creek says they're still working on the design of their new church and financing the project, but they hope to have a new place to worship in within a year.