Christmas Eve burglars steal North Texas family's puppy

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A Lake Highlands family is devastated after their home was burglarized on Christmas Eve. There was one thing taken that cannot be replaced.

Stuart Parker said he and his wife had gone to visit a neighbor Sunday evening. They were only gone for a few hours but when they returned their home was a mess.

“All of this looked through. This was knocked over. There had been a TV there. Some things were missing in here all the way to the closet,” he said.

The burglars took electronics, jewelry and even presents from under their Christmas tree. But what hurts the most is that the burglars took Zane, their 8-month-old Shiz Tzu.

“Somebody took our dog and we just want the dog back,” Parker said. “There’s a cold place in hell for people that steal dogs and do anything on Christmas Eve.”

The family described the shaggy black puppy as energetic and playful. They said he’s afraid of children and strangers. He also has a black collar and matching leash with white bones on them.

“We’ll pay a reward. We’ll happily do that but we just want our dog back,” said Bonnie Parker.

Police are investigating the burglary and were able to gather some evidence at the scene. The Parkers are also checking with neighbors to see if any of them have surveillance video that can help.

While they are not saying how much, they are offering a reward for Zane’s safe return.