Christina Morris kidnapping trial starts next week

A trial will get underway next week for the man accused of kidnapping Christina Morris.

Morris was last seen in August of 2014. Surveillance video shows her walking through a parking garage at the Shops at Legacy in Plano with Enrique Arochi.

Police found Morris’ DNA in the trunk of Arochi’s car. They charged him with kidnapping because her body was never found.

The trail was delayed earlier this year so that evidence could be tested. Jury selection is now set to begin on Sept. 6

Arochi’s attorney, Steven Miears, said he has filed several motions to suppress evidence, specifically phone records related to the case. A judge is expected to rule on those motions during a hearing Thursday.

“This is a very important case to us and we don’t feel like Mr. Arochi is guilty. And we are very concerned he won’t get a fair trial,” Miears said.

Arochi’s attorney has already asked for a change of venue, but a judge denied that request.

“We hope to find a fair jury to listen to the evidence and come to the right decision, but with all of the media attention we are really concerned about that,” he said.

Morris’ family is hoping for justice regardless of the venue. They are also still holding on to hope that she will be found.