Children’s Medical Center Dallas backpedals on train removal, promises display in updated lobby

Children’s Health officials backpedaled on Friday and said they would find a new place for its beloved train display.

The hospital’s decision to remove the trains that have been in place for three decades ignited a firestorm online and passionate pleas from former patients to find a new location at Children’s Medical Center Dallas for the popular display.

“We are humbled by the heartfelt response we’ve received about our beloved Trainscape. We have decided to incorporate the trains within the lobby of Children’s Medical Center Dallas,” a Children’s spokesperson said on Friday.

The hospital said it has been mulling an update to its lobby and “and this offers an opportunity to include the trains within this space.”

There’s no timeline on when any renovations to the lobby space would take place or when the trains will be available to see.

The current display will start being removed in late January.

The trains presently occupy nearly 5,500 square feet in the hospital, space that will now make way for a new two-story multi-purpose area offering different amenities for patients and families. That includes an outdoor courtyard, all-abilities playground, and one feature that has drawn the most scrutiny -- a full-service Starbucks.

Representatives for the hospital said that after more than a year of planning for the new space, and trying to re-work the designs, there wasn’t enough room to keep the trains.

In just a few days, a petition to save those trains grew from a few thousand, to more than 28,000 signatures.

It appears the pressure to save the trains worked.

“We are fortunate to play an integral role in the North Texas community and beyond, and are grateful for the thoughts and memories shared with us this week,” the Children’s spokesperson said.

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