Chicago man met woman on dating app, tied her up in his mom's basement and beat her: police

A Riverdale man was arrested for allegedly holding a woman he met on a dating app against her will and beating her. She may have also been sexually assaulted.

According to Dolton police, the man had been holding the woman against her will in his mother's house since Sunday.

On Monday, the pair went to an Advanced Auto Parts store located on Sibley Boulevard in Dolton. The man sent the woman into the store to make a purchase.

While the woman was in the store, police say she approached the cashier – bruised and battered – and told them the situation, including that he had a gun.

At that point, the man entered the store and told the woman that was enough. He then grabbed the woman and forced her into a white vehicle where they drove away westbound on Sibley, police said.


The two employees said they tried to stall, but couldn’t and wrote down the license plate after the man and woman took off. They then called police.

"She said had a gun. We didn’t want him to shoot through the glass or anything like that," said Kevin, an employee of the store.

The vehicle was tracked to the suspect's mother's home in Riverdale, where police spotted it parked outside. The man was taken into custody and the woman was found tied up in the home's basement.

According to police, the mother of the suspect had no idea the victim was tied up in her basement.

Charges were pending against the suspect.

Police are also conducting a rape kit on the woman.

Dolton officials said Wednesday that the woman has become uncooperative in the investigation and is no longer interested in pursuing charges. Detectives continue to question the suspect in hopes of forming "a strong enough case to proceed without the victim's cooperation."