Cedar Hill State Park still popular in the winter

This time of the year, when the weather starts to turn, camping would be one of the last things on your holiday list. But that's not the case at Cedar Hill State Park.

About 25 percent of the 200 active campsites are occupied and people are prepared to stay put despite the looming rain and plunging temperatures.

The Garrett family drove their RV up from Austin to enjoy a little bit of nature before the chaos of the holidays, even if their time outside is limited.

“You know when the Texas weather treats us like this mid 70s on December 21, we had to get out and enjoy ourselves. I understand the weather is going to get worse in a couple of days but we'll enjoy it while we can,” said Pat Garrett.

They're not alone. Beth Tragus, Asst. Superintendent of Cedar Hill State Park, said despite cold and wet weather on the horizon, many of the park's RV sites are booked.

Mary Ann Milner and her dog occupy one of them. She was here Tuesday when North Texas saw a record amount of rain.

“It was pretty chilly, but like I said, in a camper, when you've got central heat you don’t have to really worry about that,” Milner said.

A few people, like Milner, live at the park year round.

Camp regulars tell me they cherish the winter season because the rain and cold keeps the crowds away -- leaving the vast wilderness mostly to themselves. The park includes a lake for fishing and boating and miles of hike and bike trails.

“It’s so freakin’ hot in Texas in the summer that camping this time of year is the best because you can hike, you can fish, you can play outdoor games,” said Laurel Rogers. “I mean sure the leaves aren't on the trees, but everything else is out there and available.”