Cedar Hill police help rescue dog stuck under fence

A dog named Winter got herself stuck in a pretty tight spot with no way to work her way free until some helpful police officers arrived.

A female Great Dane got stuck beneath a fence in Cedar Hill on Sunday and the rescue was captured on officer body cam footage.

"We tried pushing the dog under but she was snapping at us,” said Officer David Banta.

The officers first tried to deepen a hole in the ground.

"I dont know how long that dog had been hung up like that and I didn't want to leave it in that position any longer than I had to,” Banta said.

Winter, 2, had gotten out of her backyard and was trying to get back in -- all 140 pounds of her.  Her owners were 10 hours away and out of town for the holiday. A neighbor was able to get them on the phone.

"She was a little panicked, wanted to make sure the dog was okay and I assured her the dog was okay and we'd get the dog out shortly,” Banta said.

It was clear digging a hole was not working.

"Because she was scared and trying to snap at the shovel and my hands, we thought that taking the boards off and letting her get out under her own power would be the easiest course, so that's what we did,’" said Shawn Burke, animal control officer.

Angelica Toscano, winter's owner, is more than grateful today. Her family returned home early Monday morning.

"All I could do was just cry and pray my baby was going to be ok,” Toscano said. "I just want to say thank you very much. As soon as my Winter gets better I will take her over there to take a photo with them."