Caught on Camera: Dozens of food trucks hit by thieves

Thieves are targeting dozens of food trucks across Austin and some of these burglaries have been caught on camera. In one video, you can see a thief break into a register inside a food truck before fleeing through the window used to take orders from.

“These people with these food trucks are hardworking people, they are just trying to make a living, and they’re being taken advantage of by these people trying to get in,” said Detective Cole Reinarz with the Austin Police Department.

A string of burglaries have been springing up across Austin including 40 to 50 food trucks in just 3 months. “We believe there are two individuals involved in most of these burglaries."

Ramon Sanchez's food truck is one of the ones that was hit.

“You don't expect this to happen here, not in Austin a prefect quiet beautiful city,” said Sanchez. Sanchez came to Austin to give people a taste of his home country, Venezuela, now he's left to fix the damage a recent thief left behind. In the end, about $400 was taken, the repairs on the other hand costing him thousands. “It took a couple days to fix everything working 12 hours a day to get everything back,” said Sanchez.

According to APD, food trucks seem to be getting hit all across the city but those in clusters seem to be the ones being targeted the most. In most cases it's electronics and cash which is taken.

Until these people are caught, Sanchez said he and his colleagues will continue to look out for each other, so they can continue to follow their passion.

If you have any information on any of these cases, contact police.



Search for robbery suspects targeting food trucks