'Carry the Load' in Dallas honors veterans, fallen heroes

People from across the country are in Dallas to honor veterans and fallen heroes. Two former Navy Seals started “Carry the Load” five years ago and the event continues to grow every year.

Two relays that started on the East and West coast culminate in Dallas Monday morning. The participants of the East Coast relay are walking 2,300 miles. They started earlier this month in West Point, New York. The West Coast relay started in Seattle, Washington. The Dallas Memorial March allowed people to walk 20 hours and 16 minutes Sunday night into Monday morning at Reverchon Park and the Katy Trail.

One of the event co-founders says it’s important to take time to think about what Memorial Day is all about.

“Clint (Bruce) and I, the other co-founder, had lost some friends. Memorial Day weekend rolls around and speaking from my generation it’s just another 3-day weekend a chance to go to the lake a chance to get together to have a cookout. Nothing wrong with those things but when you don't stop pause and reflect on the services and sacrifices there is something wrong with it. We wanted to provide an opportunity for people to have a meaningful Memorial Day experience," said Stephen Holley, Carry the Load co-founder.

The walk ends at 12:16 Monday afternoon, followed by a closing ceremony. The public is invited to show support by walking a few miles with participants.