Carrollton family upset pit bull mixes that attacked, killed dog haven't been impounded

A Carrollton family wants to know why the loose dogs that killed their seven-week-old puppy were not impounded.

The City of Dallas recently changed its rules so a dog can now be impounded for attacking and killing another dog. But the ordinance in Carrollton doesn't allow for that to happen.

A doorbell camera caught the emotional aftermath of the dog mauling on camera. Caden McMaryon, 10, was out walking 7-week-old Gigi when two dogs got loose and killed her.

“He tried to pull her form them, but he had to let her go, and came rushing to get us,” Sakeitha Pierce said.

Pierce is thankful her nephew didn't get in the middle of the attack.

“Blood all on the sidewalk. It was horrible,” Pierce said.

The City of Carrollton says the two dogs were dominant pit bull mixes.  Carrollton is now in the process of citing the owners with 8 class c misdemeanors that carry a fine of up to $16,000. Some of the violations include the dogs being loose, not having rabies vaccines and for the attack itself.

“We take this very seriously,” said Scott Hudson, director of Carrollton Environmental Services. “Tragic accident in this case in my belief.”

But unlike Dallas, Carrollton cannot take custody of the dogs. Hudson says Carrollton hasn't seen the need to strengthen its ordinance because owners typically surrender dogs that have attacked another dog. The owners of the two aggressive dogs have not given up their dogs.

“I feel the city is doing its part diligently implementing the code to make sure the owner is held responsible,” Hudson said.

Pierce is afraid for her or her children to go outside.

“I have a baseball bat by my door,” Pierce said. “I feel like if I go outside and see them I'm going to feel like they will attack me.”