Carroll ISD brings Southlake students together for racism discussion

Carroll ISD is addressing concerns about racism by talking directly with students about what they're seeing, hearing and feeling.

Southlake-Carroll students were asked for ideas on how to improve the culture and reduce racism. It comes after a video made by some students was circulated on social media last October.

It was a talk about diversity had Carroll High School sophomore Kacy Middleton wiping tears.

"It just was really heartfelt, this conversation,” she said.

Southlake-Carroll high school students answered questions like if they felt comfortable to be themselves in school, if they thought kindness and anti-bullying messaging is enough to address diversity and what circumstances encourage them to speak up or stay silent when they are a witness to racism.

The meeting among school board members and students Wednesday night was a result of a video, which FOX 4 has chosen not to air, that was posted to social media in the fall. It showed several senior high students chanting the ‘N-word.’

"When that incident happened, it really took me back because students were saying things so hurtful,” Kacy said.

"Diversity isn't necessarily something that you can gain knowledge about. It's an experience,” said Student Body President Jack Tucker. “And part of that experience comes from conversation and understanding."

Jack says, almost immediately, school board members and the senior high principal met with students to plan a night like Wednesday night.

"It made me really proud to be from the school that I go to. That it wasn't something that was being swept under the rug. That we were acknowledging that it happened and it was wrong,” he said.

A spokesperson for the district says Carroll ISD is also drafting a cultural competence plan and is forming diversity task forces at each school campus.

On February 18th, staff district-wide will go through diversity training. Students say it's a start.

"I think this was the right step. We're progressing,” Kacy said. “It's obviously going to take time, but I think we're taking the right steps to get there."