Byron Nelson Golf Tournament delayed by rain

Early morning showers delayed the AT&T Byron Nelson Golf Tournament by about four hours on Sunday.

That didn't stop golf fans from heading out to the Trinity Forest Golf Club to catch the final day of play.

"I think a true golf fan looks at the conditions and says I don't care, I'm going to be here no matter what and I'll prepare for whatever conditions they throw at me," said Sean Gorman.

And fans arrived prepared.

"We brought rain slickers, I've got my Wellies on, I've got my golf umbrella, trash bag to sit on if we have to sit on the ground," said Tami Cannizzaro.

Although the rain delayed tee times, fans say the weather was somewhat of a blessing in disguise.

"It's good because the weather and the temperature is cooler, so that's a plus. We've been here all day so we're just excited to see Jordan Spieth and some of the other guys," said Gorman.

"I'm here 100% if it's rain or shine," said golf fan Aidan McLachlan.

Golfers and fans like McLanchlan went out to see some of their favorite golf pros up close.

"I love Jordan Spieth, he's my favorite golfer. I've been playing golf for 8 years and I'm on the varsity team so he's a big inspiration for me so I wanted to come see him," said McLachlan.

While many returned to the Byron Nelson for it's 50th Anniversary, the course is new this year.

After 35 years in Las Colinas, the Nelson was back in Dallas at Trinity Forest.

"Even if we just came out and watched for a little while and at least saw what the course was like and maybe got to see one of our favorite golfers or something, even for a minute, it'd be worth it," said Cannizzaro.

"It's exciting to bring a totally new course and a new field and say hey this is what we're bringing to the table. Makes it unique and fresh," said Gorman.

Although Sunday was significantly cooler, the heat did play a role this weekend.

According to Dallas Fire Rescue, more than 600 people were treated for heat-related incidents and at least two people went to the hospital.