Businessman says Dallas hotel workers got in his Lamborghini without permission

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A Houston businessman expected to turn heads when he brought his half-million dollar sports car to Dallas -- but he didn't expect workers to get up close and personal with the car without his permission.

Dion Podgurny, who owns a firearms company in Houston, was in town over the weekend for the NRA convention and stayed at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Dallas.

Worried about a possible run-in with protestors, Podgurny hired a private security guard to watch over him, his employees and his 2018 Lamborghini Aventador S. Guard Derek Washington said it was around 3 a.m. Sunday when several people associated with the hotel opened up the doors to the Lamborghini and looked inside for about 15 minutes.

“I observed the gentleman say hey y'all let’s check out this Lambo,” Washington said, who snapped photographs to show his client. “I observed them with their flashlights, in and out of the vehicle.”

In a statement to FOX4, the Hyatt Regency Dallas general manager said, "As soon as we learned of the behavior related to this particular vehicle, our hotel leadership made efforts to contact the owner of the vehicle to apologize for this isolated incident… We have since addressed this with our third-party valet company and security teams to reinforce appropriate protocols for valeted vehicles.”

Podgurny believes the hotel is trying to put blame on the valet company instead of accepting responsibility.

“This isn't an issue with valet. I don't have any issues with valet. This is Hyatt corporate getting out its canned story which is putting a little bit of heat on the valet,” Podgurny said.

Podgurny said his car was not damaged and nothing was taken. But he wanted to share his story because of the way he feels his concerns were mishandled by the hotel.

Podgurny believes the valet attendant was just obeying orders from a manager when they handed over the keys to the car and doesn't think that person should be punished. If they're fired, Podgurny says he'll offer them a job with his company.