Bush Center to remain open during government shutdown

The George W. Bush Presidential Library is one of the few museums that will remain open during the government shutdown.

During the shutdown, essential federal workers will still be on the job. That means airport, postal service, national security and law enforcement agencies will still operate.

At the Bush Center, the museum will still be open to the public but the research rooms, the archive, and the administrative offices will be closed.

The U.S. Senate has scheduled a vote for 11 a.m. Monday aimed at restoring federal fund through Feb. 8 and ending the shutdown. But there’s no telling if the votes will be there.

Democrats are demanding that young immigrants brought to the country illegally be given protection. One GOP senator had a message for President Trump.

“We need a reliable partner. I think the president is in a good spot in terms of understanding what deal will work. You just got to commit to it. So the Senate is going to do… somebody has got to lead. The White House staff has been pretty unreliable. The House is locked down. So I think the Senate is the best body to lead the country to a result,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham from South Carolina.

The White House said President Trump won’t budge on his demand that Democrats vote to reopen the government before negotiating on immigration policy.

On Sunday night, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell did offer an olive branch to Democrats pledging to bring up immigration legislation for debate in February if the issue is still unresolved by then.

There’s no word on exactly how many federal workers are home from work but the number is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands.

For more information on which agencies are closed and which are open, visit https://www.doi.gov/shutdown.