Bus driver accused of sleeping on bus route found not at fault

A Mansfield ISD bus driver who some students thought had fallen asleep while driving kids home was found not at fault and is back on the job.

Students with Mansfield ISD began recording the incident with their cell phones. Police came and checked out the driver.

Mansfield ISD says the calls about the driver began to come in as he was driving. Out of an abundance of caution, the driver was told over the radio to pull over and wait for police to get there.

Students took pictures and video of the bus driver as he was waiting on the side of the road.

A spokesperson for the district said the bus driver was checked out at the scene by veteran officers from Mansfield ISD Police and Mansfield PD that study impaired drivers on a daily basis. They all came to the same conclusion that the bus driver was not impaired in any way.

Thomas and Pamela Ferguson say since they were told by the transportation supervisor and the principal that the bus driver would not be driving again, the new information from the district has them confused.

"He promised me that he would not be driving a Mansfield Independent School district bus anymore,” said Pamela.

"I don't honestly know what the issue is but to put him back on a bus after promising more than one family this would happen is an issue,” said Thomas. “That means we can't trust what MISD is telling parents."

The school district has changed the route that bus driver is on now.

The bus driver is back at work since the internal investigation concluded last week.

The Fergusons say they just wish they had a better explanation for what they saw from the bus driver on their son's video.