Burleson PD searching for rapist who attacked woman in her home

Police are looking for a man who raped a woman at her home in a Burleson neighborhood.

The woman said she heard a knock at her front door Tuesday night around 8:30 p.m. at her home on Wysteria Lane. When she answered it, the suspect forced her way inside and sexually assaulted her. He left afterward.

Police have only a vague description of the attacker, but they’re checking surveillance video from homeowners’ security systems, hoping to find evidence to help identify her attacker. He's described as a tall thin male about 6'2" wearing a black hoodie.

“The fact that someone would force their way into a residence and attack somebody like that, breaking into the home shows the force of going in, this is not a known offender to the person,” said Burleson Police Sgt. Wes Routson. “Typically, these type of incidents are more common that you know the perpetrator. When they don’t and it’s a stranger, it makes it much more concerning."

Meanwhile, the neighborhood is on alert while police work to track down the rapist.

Amanda Hadley is among the neighbors who are now on edge.

"It's scary. We feel like we live in a pretty safe neighborhood over here,” she said. “You don't hear about that kind of stuff happening. So to know that happened just a few streets away from me, it's terrifying.”

Burleson police are adding extra patrols in the area. Residents there are also asked to be alert and report suspicious activity.